I was not born with a camera around my neck. 

I remember though the smell of Polaroid and the strings of freshly developed photographic film all cut up into squares, meticulously placed in little plastic frames, which I had put up to the light to see what’s on them.

I remember my dad’s diy darkroom set up in our 2m by 2m bathroom in mid 80s in Poland and my waves of frustration when he first got his hands on a digital camera and most of the photos he took were out of focus. I remember when my mum told me about her abandoned dream of becoming a film editor and the precise moment when I have made a conscious choice not to pursue mine of going to an art school and continue to draw.

No. I had no idea about photography then. Instead, I chose to learn languages and study human behaviour, both of which eventually led me to work internationally within the fields of psychology, psychometrics and change.

Ironically today, a fully-fledged honorary Melburnian, I have one of the best cameras known to man strapped around my neck. I have the lights, the fancy lenses, an access to a studio, the lot. Most of all however, I have a curiosity and a passion that has been brewing in me for years and that hit me so strongly, I simply cannot live without it.

It is from that feeling that I grew my business. 

I use my experience within behavioural sciences and business strategy to ​shine through when piecing together your visual story. Be it personal or professional.

My business is young and evolving, therefore my offer is a boutique creative experience for those who appreciate a truly collaborative process that is deeply personalised, insightful and fun.  

                            to see how we can make it work together!